According to the estimates of the specialists, 75% of the main problems that arise in the engine working, happen precisely owing to lubricants, and can be caused by the penetration of foreign substances or by using fake fats and oils. Thus, high-quality lubricants are so important!

Choosing a motor oil special attention should be taken to the quality of product, because motor oil is one of the important elements of the protection of the engine working of your car, which also play a leading role in its work. The high cost and mass character of lubricants does not give guarantees high quality of production.

What are the advantages of FOSSER?

fosser dubaiFirst of all, it’s impeccable German quality of all products FOSSER. As already mentioned, German quality of lubricants recognized the best around the world, Germany motor oil is the world’s sales leader. In addition to this, certified laboratories accredited by Die Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle regularly conduct a lot of research of FOSSER’s product. The compliance of lubricants to all the declared requirements ensures fact of location of the manufacturing in Germany. The specialized supervision services (Die SGS) thoroughly monitor the observance of all required characteristics in the production of goods. Hundred percent German quality is confirmed by allowances of the leading German automakers such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, MAN etc.

Secondly, reliability. Сhoosing a brand of lubricants FOSSER you shouldn’t worry about the reliability of engine working of your car, and also about its protection, because the reserve of safe engine working make specific components that are included in lubricants of brand FOSSER.

Third, high-performance lubricants of our brand. In addition to impeccable quality, lubricants of FOSSER are also high performance. Except protection parts from wear and cleaning of engine part, some types of FOSSER motor oils increase interservice drain intervals and reduced fuel consumption. Extreme high temperature stability of some motor oils provides efficient lubrication of of the engine parts even under extreme load.

Fourth, inexpensive avaiable price. The price-quality ratio is an important factor in buying motor oil. But considering the importance of motor oil in engine working of your car (oil substantially decreases friction and wear in moving parts of engine, ensures purification of engine parts, improves the leakproofness, cools the engine and prevents corrosion) should not save money on high-quality lubricants. For vehicles with high mileage (that is important for the UAE, because the mileage is growing so fast here) it is particularly important to change high quality motor oil, because avoiding wear of engine parts is impossible, but extending the life of the motor is real by frequent changes of high-quality oil. In addition to this, it is so important to care about protecting your car engine from the purchase in order to extend the life of the engine.

Fifthly, products of FOSSER correspond to highest international standards of quality of motor oils (according to The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association and The American Petroleum Institute). Except this fact FOSSER strive to exceed these requirements in their new developments.

Sixth, considering climatic conditions of the United Arab Emirates, and the fact that the air temperature in summer can reach 50 degrees centigrade, the creators of the brand FOSSER set a goal – to make the product taking into account the features of different countries, their climatic conditions, and also mode of work and condition of the vehicle fleet. Therefore, we can say that in products of FOSSER completely taken into account the temperature and climatic conditions of the UAE.

Seventh, all products FOSSER made in our own factory. It makes possible to talk about the responsibility of the company for the products which company manufactures. Every partner who is interested in cooperation, can visit the factory in the northwest of Germany in Ankum, and makes sure that all lubricants of FOSSER made on the basis oils of the first refining (oils of secondary processing aren’t used), additives of leading manufacturers and are packaged exactly there.

Eighth, the new high technology robotized lines of products’ packaging, which have been established over the last two years, allow to manufacture products with a high level of protection against fakes, so to meet the fake product of FOSSER is impossible.
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