We are official distributor of FOSSER Motor Oil in the UAE!

FOSSER is first-class high-perfomance German quality lubricants!

On our official website you can see service stations where you can replace the motor oil of brand FOSSER, find out about kind of motor oils which are suitable for your car (in section Oil Finder), see price policy, make an order, buy production of FOSSER and, of course, get to know about all advantages of FOSSER Motor oil.

WHY FOSSERHigh-quality lubricants are an important condition for achieving high reliability of engine working. Products of FOSSER Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH have a first-class German quality and have already presented in many countries around the world. Considering the fact that United Arab Emirates is a dynamically developing state in the Middle East, where product market is constantly expanding, where car fleet and motorway network are so developed, it becomes necessary to introduce a new for the United Arab Emirates high quality first-class products of brand FOSSER.

Therefore FOSSER Plus General Trading LLC started its activities on the market of the UAE, and also is working actively to worthily represent products of FOSSER at the main service stations in all seven emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc). The assortment includes different products such as synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils, hydraulic and industrial oils, brake fluid and antifreeze.

FOSSER correspond to the highest international standards of motor oils’ quality according to the The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association and The American Petroleum Institute. First class lubricants of brand FOSSER and high quality of products are guaranteed by regular quality control and by tests that have been conducted in a specially certified laboratories accredited by Die Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle. The raw material base of FOSSER products is used for the further production with all requirements on quality and process of petroleum refining is carried out in specially designed facilities, which ensures output of high-quality first-class product only.

Lubricants of brand FOSSER made on base oils of the first refining only (oils of secondary processing aren’t used). Talking about the quality, it should be noted that German manufacturers have always been at the top of technological progress in all times of the industry development, including the production of motor oils and lubricants for all types of vehicles. German quality of lubricants recognized the best around the world, Germany motor oil is the world’s sales leader. Besides the fact that all products of FOSSER are made considering the concept of production directly in Germany, the manufacturer produces goods in the own factory, which makes it possible to talk about the company’s responsibility for the quality of manufactured products.

Lubricants of FOSSER approved by advanced automotive manufacturers and have been successfully used in engines and mechanisms for all kinds of vehicles.

About advantages of FOSSER Motor Oil you can find here.