FOSSER Premium Special R 5W-30

20 litre, 60 litre, 208 litre

FOSSER Premium Special R is a synthetic high-performance low-friction engine oil with low sulphur, ash and phosphorus content (low-SAP). Base oils produced with the latest synthesis technology and carefully chosen high-performance additives with reduced sulphated ash content guarantee reliable wear protection and keep the engine clean. Excellent cold start behaviour ensures optimum lubrication safety during the cold start phase. The product provides reliable protection under extreme conditions and high temperatures. FOSSER Premium Special R is the ideal product for all operating conditions. As it reduces the emission of hazardous substances, it helps to protect the environment.

FOSSER Premium Special R has been specially developed for use in Renault diesel engines with particle filter (DPF). Do not use in 2.2dCi / G9T engines! FOSSER Premium Special R prolongs the service life of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems and enhances their performance.





Renault RN 0720

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