FOSSER Hydraulic Oil HLP-D

20 litre, 60 litre, 208 litre

FOSSER HLP-D are top-quality detergent and dispersing mineral hydraulic fluids with highly effective wear-reducing additives. Key advantages at a glance:

• Low amounts of water are quickly emulsified.

• Effective wear reduction, high load-bearing capacity.

• Outstanding oxidation stability.

• Prevents corrosion and foaming.

• Excellent hydrolytic stability.

• High thermal stability.

• Good demulsification capacity.

• Compatible with sealing materials.

FOSSER HLP-D hydraulic fluids are recommended for all hydraulic systems, even under demanding conditions. They can also be used in all types of hydraulic systems with high-pressure pumps and high thermal load, in fast-responding steering systems, for the supply of small gear units and in recirculation systems.



DIN 51524/2 HLP

AFNOR NF E 48-603 HM

Category: Hydraulic oils

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