FOSSER Gear Oil 85W-140 GL-5

20 litre, 60 litre, 208 litre

FOSSER Gear Oil 85W-140 GL-5 is made from carefully chosen base oils and additives that prevent tooth flank damage. The EP additives in the product form a load-bearing lubricant film on the tooth flanks that prevents fretting even under extreme mechanical load and significantly reduces abrasion. The gear oil is extremely aging resistant, even under high thermal load. The good low-temperature viscosity is achieved through the high degree of refinery of the base oil and the added flow improver. The gear oil contains highly effective active agents that suppress foaming and protect the lubricated machine parts against damage from corrosion. FOSSER Gear Oil 85W-140 GL-5 does not cause damage to conventional sealing materials.

FOSSER Gear Oil 85W-140 GL-5 is primarily recommended for heavy-duty drive axle systems with hypoid gearing in commercial vehicles.



API GL-5 • MIL-L-2105 C/D

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