FOSSER Drive RS 10W-60

20 litre, 60 litre, 208 litre

FOSSER Drive RS is a fully synthetic high-performance low-friction engine oil meeting the most stringent requirements of modern turbocharged and non-turbocharged petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars. Excellent flow properties guarantee very good cold start behaviour. Thanks to its unrivalled high-temperature stability, the product provides a reliable lubricant film even under the most extreme conditions. Effective additives ensure that combustion residue, soot and dirt particles are finely dispersed in the oil. Combined with high aging resistance, they offer reliable protection against black sludging and deposits on pistons and injection valves. FOSSER Drive RS can withstand any thermal or mechanical stress and has excellent wear protection properties.

FOSSER Drive RS is a low-friction oil for year-round use designed for passenger car engines. It is suitable for operation under all conditions and temperatures, including racing conditions.



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