FOSSER Antifreeze FA 40

20 litre, 60 litre, 200 litre

FOSSER Antifreeze FA 40 is a premium radiator corrosion inhibitor and anti-freeze agent based on ethylene glycol, with highly effective inhibitors combining OAT and silicate technology as well as high-performance additives (Si-OAT-coolant). It ensures maximum long-term protection of all metal components in the motor. The product does not have any negative effect on coolant hoses or cylinder head gaskets.
FOSSER Antifreeze FA 40
is nitrite-, amine-, phosphate- and borate free.

FOSSER Antifreeze FA 40 – mixed with the correct amount of water – can be used without restrictions as a thermal transfer fluid in internal combustion engines made in cast iron, aluminium or a combination of these metals, and radiator systems made in aluminium or copper alloys. FOSSER Antifreeze FA 40 is particularly recommended for high-tech engines that require special high-temperature protection for aluminium components. We recommend maintaining a concentration of 50% (v/v) during all seasons. FOSSER Antifreeze FA 40 can be mixed with most coolants based on ethylene glycol.

Caution: Observe manufacturer instructions. Minimum concentration: 33 % (v/v).


VW TL 774 G

MB 325.5

MAN 324 type Si-OAT






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